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        Direct Air Cooling System

        Direct air cooling system is the use of mechanical ventilation to make steam turbine exhaust steam do the condensation in the finned tube air condenser directly, mainly composed of large pipe diameter of exhaust duct, air condenser, axial flow cooling fan and condensation pump etc.

        Direct air will complete heat exchange with steam, which the process flow would be turbine exhaust steam through a large exhaust pipe into the outdoor air condenser, axial flow cooling fan would make air flow across the outer surface of the cooler into water, then  back to the boiler.

        Direct air cooling system does not require intermediate medium such as the cooling water etc., and it has so many advantages like fewer equipment, simple system, less occupation area, flexible system regulation etc.

        Product Applicaiton

        • Applied in Datong Power I

        • Applied in Hejin Power Plant

        • Applied in Pucheng Power Plant

        • Applied in Tongliao Power Plant II

        • Applied in Wula Mountain Power Plant

        • Applied in Italy Power Plant

        • Applied in Zhangshan Power Plant

        • Applied Zhangze Power Plant

        Typical Cases

        • The first domestication of 600MW Single Row Tube Power Plant Direct Air Cooled Condenser in China

        • The first domestication of 600MW Double Row Tube Power Plant Direct Air Cooled Condenser in China

        • The world’s highest elevation of Indirect Air Cooling System (The height of elevation is 2471m)

        • The first domestication of 300MW Power Plant Direct Air Cooled Condenser in China

        • The first maximum capacity of 1000 MW Power Plant Direct Air Cooled Condenser in the world

        • Large Power Plant Air Cooled Condenser Products joined into European Onion Market for the first time.

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        TEL : 0451-58699963 / 0451-84674449