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        Sun Zhe, Deputy Secretary of Harbin Municipal Party Committee and mayor visited our company to inspect and guide the work

        On January 5, Sun Zhe, Deputy Secretary of Harbin Municipal Party Committee and mayor,zhi Dayong, deputy mayor, Fang Zhenghui, secretary-general of the municipal government, Yu Dezhi, party secretary and director of the state-owned assets supervision and
        2019-01-06 MORE>>

        Cooperation between China and Japan opens a new journey for the company's development

        The signing ceremony of Harbin Fushanchuan Biotechnology Development Co., Ltd was held at 10:10 a.m. on October 10. The company is jointly established by Harbin air conditioning Limited by Share Ltd and Japan Fu Sheng Environmental Protection Development
        2018-10-11 MORE>>

        Zhi Dayong, Vice major of Harbin, came to HAC for investiment and Guidance

        On September 22, Zhi Dayong, Vice Mayor of Harbin, came to our company for investigation and guidance on promoting the reform of the three systems of state-owned enterprises and safe production. The leaders and heads of departments of Harbin Industry and
        2018-09-26 MORE>>

        The counterbalance of power, the symbol of unity!---Remember

        The 4-day tug-of-war competition of the HAC Cup staff and workers ended successfully today with the cordial care of the company leaders, personal participation and the joint efforts of the eight branches. In the competition, eight teams, some gathered the
        2018-09-20 MORE>>
        ADD : No.7 Dianchi Street, Centralized District, Yingbin Road, High-Tech Developing Zone, Harbin, China.
        TEL : 0451-58699963 / 0451-84674449